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I Am Oils | Luxurious Essential Oil Products for the Soul





As a mother of four and Kinesiologist, one of the beautiful tools in my toolbox is Aromatherapy. I am passionate about holistic health care, walks on the beach, nutritious food, baths, and self compassion. I share these products with you to support your own journey of inner self care. As well as containing the vibrations of stunning flowers from nature, they contain chemical constituents to balance and restore peace and harmony. Retreat for a moment, choose curiosity and love over criticism, release comparison with others, and trust and honour yourself.  

I sincerely hope you and your family enjoy these products as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you.

BREATHE,  STRETCH, SMILE, CREATE, LOVE, LAUGH, BELONG, BELIEVE, LAUGH ... and remember to choose your I AM's wisely.

Love and Light x Susanne.



Our beliefs about who we are and the "I ams" we tell ourselves are developed in our early years. Some of these can be helpful, and others we may need to challenge. 

I am helpful.....I am strong...I am capable...I am brave.... I am worthy of love and belonging.....I am perfect the way I am.  I am enough.

I am tired.... I am useless..... I am clumsy...... I am hopeless....... I am stupid..... I am not good enough 

" I ams " are  like powerful little voices inside our head. These voices may have developed from words we have heard from a teacher, a parent, a care giver, or even a dear friend. Sometimes they can even come from a total stranger.

They can be helpful, useful, and encouraging,  or they can be harmful, hurtful and totally inaccurate. 

These voices may come and go, or they may decide to settle in and encourage us to be critical towards ourselves.  We take them on as fact and search for evidence to support them. 

We allow them to define us. We allow them to impact the way we communicate with others. We allow them to affect the future of our decisions, and to impact how worthy we believe we are of love, belonging and self care. 

As parents we also need to be mindful of the "I ams" that our children are creating. We are responsible for guiding and allowing them to reach their greatest potential. It is a beautiful privilege to love and care for children. We can support them to develop useful "I am's", and to gently encourage them to challenge the voices that are not helpful.  

My intention in creating these products was to bring awareness to this.

Each product has been created out of my love for Aromatherapy, Kinesiology, Reiki, and my understanding of the importance of self care and kind self talk. Each product includes a nurturing affirmation.  

Small steps to a healthier and happier world. xxx